Intensive Training Programme

SPinSMEDE, acronym for Soil Protection in Sloping Mediterranean Agri-Environments. aims at providing basic tools to assess soil degradation and
design soil protection initiatives in Mediterranean sloping areas. Rooted in both the thematic strategy for soil protection in Europe and the special environmental sensitivity of Mediterranean slopes, SPinSMEDE is targeted in post-graduate students from life / earth sciences and agricultural / forest / environmental engineering, in view their capacitation in such specific issue, therefore improving their current job market opportunities. SPinSMEDE programme comprises background subjects (soil degradation processes and assessment, soil protection measures design and implementation applying technical and socio-economic criteria), and case studies concerning
land use typical of Mediterranean slopes (vineyards, olive groves, forests, shrubs).

SPinSMEDE is a more than 80h "hands on" programme (60h classes + 15h tutorials + 1 day field trip), comprising application exercises (computer, field and laboratory work) and field trips. After course end, 80h long distance assisted work, enable students to present a written memory. Successful fulfilment of evaluation requirements awards 6 ECTS.